Thank you for taking the time to check out our site. We appreciate everyone’s continued support and promoting. All of the handmade jewelry and accessories on our site were designed by one designer, Lorrie Mae Dalisay. We are based and originally from the East Bay, California.

A lot of our designs are punk inspired. Also, we are huge fans of psychobilly, hardcore, rockabilly & kustom culture. We like to incorporate all the things we love into our designs, as we wanted to create accessories that we would defintely buy ourselves, but that we can’t find! We love the look of originality, so a lot of our designs are also vintage/kitsch. Not ALL of the items on our website were handmade by us, but just about all the jewelry is. We find a lot of great, hard to find accessories that we think should be shared with our customers. If an item or part of an item isn’t handmade by us, we will always specify in each item description and most of the non-handmade items are in the vintage section. We spend alot of our time going through thrift/vintage/antique stores so that we can hand pick great, vintage, unique items for our customers. If there’s something cool that we can find wholesale, we make them accessible to our customers.

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